Osprey on the hydro pole

I was driving down a road today when I spotted this osprey on the top of it with a fish it was eating. Managed to grab my camera and get  few frames before it flew away.

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Spring runoff on the Mississippi River in Almonte ON.

I had the opportunity to drop by Almonte this weekend and I checked out the huge volumes of water going through the waterfall section of the Mississippi river as it passes through the heart of the town.


Photo of the Day!

Rivyr and her grandfather checking out HogsBack on the Rideau river.


Photo of the Day!

Rivyr and I check out the spring runoff in Almonte ON. The falls were running very heavy and hard.


Photo of the Day!

Easter Treats!


Photo of the Day!


Photo of the Day!


Photo of the Day!

Spring runoff in full swing, more rain this evening. Hogsback on the Rideau River, Ottawa.


Photo of the Day!

Kayakers out at Champlain wave on the Ottawa river. Matt Hamilton taking a ride after waiting out the large sheets of ice flowing downriver. Here comes the highwater season.


Photo of the Day!