Surf Side wave riding at Bates Island, Ottawa April 22,2017


Photo of the Day!

Spend a lot of time waiting in airports while traveling to various photo shoots. This was my view today in Saskatoon.


Photo of the Day!

Quiet evening in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Photo of the Day!

Out for a walk at the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau park with my family. The snow is going quickly, looking forward to the warmer days ahead.


Bates Island wipeout

A river surfer getting some air at Bates Island on the Ottawa River.


Photo of the Day!

Surfer enjoying the rising waters at Bates Island on the Ottawa river.


Photo of the Day!

River surfing at Bates Island.


Photo of the Day!

Some boatercross action on the Rideau river on a beautiful spring day. A tandem canoe team takes the lead with the kayakers chasing hard.


Photo of the Day!

Encountered this prickly fellow while out for a hike with the hound.


Skiing with some April Fools!

Probably my last ski day of the season, managed to ski at in 5 consecutive months this year. As luck would have it we even managed to get 2″ of fresh snow to add to […]