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Milky-way and a great evening camping at Balsam Cove, Maine


Beach days are the best

My brother and sister inlaw joined us for a few hours on the beach along the beautiful New Hampshire coastline. A beautiful uncrowded stone beach with free parking was our hangout for the day. The […]


Byward Market wander with my Dad

Met my father at lunch and we took a quick tour in Ottawa’s Byward Market to check out the things setup to celebrate Canada’s 150th.


Breaking in the new paddle

My nephew turned 16 and I bought him a new canoe paddle to celebrate, today he got a chance to break it in.


Spring cattle on the farm

Lots of new cattle to check out at my sister in-laws farm, we stopped by last night for a visit and to pick up our camping trailer.    


Ottawa Welcomes the World – Mexico

We checked out the latest country featured in the Ottawa Welcomes the World at the historic Horticulture Building. This is the location for the international showcases that highlight trade, tourism, education, food, music, dance and […]


Surf Side wave riding at Bates Island, Ottawa April 22,2017


Bates Island wipeout

A river surfer getting some air at Bates Island on the Ottawa River.


Skiing with some April Fools!

Probably my last ski day of the season, managed to ski at in 5 consecutive months this year. As luck would have it we even managed to get 2″ of fresh snow to add to […]


Been a busy and productive week

Just sitting back and reflecting on the past week that saw me attending and photographing an incredible variety of people, places and events. From ski slopes in eastern Ontario to the far coast of Newfoundland […]