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Photo of the Day!



Flyfishing on the West arm of the Ausable River, NY, USA

The drive along the west arm of the Ausable river in the Adirondacks provides a fantastic drive coupled with  beautiful views and some fantastic fly fishing . I stopped along the roadway to take some […]


Hair whips in the pool

Rivyr and Willow throwing water with their long hair. Aw summer!    


Evening visit to the farm


Rivyr helping out with the gardening

We planted a few annuals and tomato plants in the yard today. Rivyr was giving me a hand with the planting and soil renewal. Many hands makes light work.    


Backyard friends…

We have a nesting pair of cardinals that are living in our backyard. I have put out some seed for them and they are taking full advantage of it. They have a nest nearby, we […]


Photo of the Day!

New growth on the forest floor, welcome spring.              


Osprey on the hydro pole

I was driving down a road today when I spotted this osprey on the top of it with a fish it was eating. Managed to grab my camera and get  few frames before it flew […]


Photo of the Day!

Beautiful ice formations along the Ottawa River.


Some freash snow and some fresh black and whites